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Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh man, I'm missing the 4E2 whiteboard with random crazy drawings when we arrive in school early in the morn. Laugh. You feel a lil more light hearted then.

The weird quirkiness of our different classmates adds much colours to our school life. School would be terribly boring without it. We laugh at the private jokes of ... We laugh at the guys booming laughter. We laugh at candie's shrieking laughter. The colours of our classroom. The guys who are inventors. The guys bow & arrow. The messages the guys ... See Morepassed down to the class directly below us using inventions they created, & receive back the msg that the tchr send back up, saying smthg bout stop distracting her class.

Getting piss when the class flew planes everywhere & out the window into the longkang. Having us all running to the window to look at the foamy longkang. & When it rains, the giant longkang reminds me of the lazy river at swimming pools. How I had wished i could float down on it. Kek, you'll tell me you smell rain when there are obvious ominous dark clouds nearby. Haha. Mooncake festival with overload of mooncakes that dissolved to oil.

Running down for recess. Sliding down the parapets. Eating the peanut kueh. Eating cup noodles during Mr Goh's remedial. Sandwich day & mel brought a veggie subway that nobody wanted to trade with. Hehe. When we sat down to discuss solutions to any friendship problems instead of just gossiping bout it. Guess the chinese names on the whiteboard. Laugh.

Just writing this to remind myself how blessed I was & still am :)

Plus the prata house & casuarina curry! & cockroaches outside our school. & cats. ♥

Ooooops, & divulging in amanda's sinful chocolate cakes!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

AmazinG(race) is in uhhhh 1 day! WHOO~!
Quite excited for now. Hope the campers are feeling that too :)

Lord Lord Lord
This aint some conventional traditional camp. Break those chains man. This camp, a difference. Work almightily! Grace Love Evangelism. God's been speaking so much bout evangelism lately. & I am consistently reminded by people people of this:

The field is ready for harvest,
the harvest is aplenty,
but the workers are few.

This camp. Help us feel & know your love. That we'll love to share it with the others. Break the chains that I always had. A lamp on a stand. Not to be hidden, but to be shown to the world, but to be known in the world. A Purpose with a deadline.

Okay i feel like a frog, skipping around like nobody's business. Off from this dusty blog :)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Why aren't we finding him like we should?

Why why why why?

Once again, I'm like in a dilemma. He's so right for leaving that my reason to stay seems so wrong. Ugh. :S

Rekindle that.

It should be a desire, a passion, a want. To seek Him.

Monday, November 23, 2009

whoo. my blog has rot through the Os period.
Oh well, just wanna mention why Os was so memorable to me. haha so years down the road i can read back my post & laugh at my stupid mistakes in Os. (:

1. Messed up my A Math Paper 1
In the end, thank God so much for messing up my paper hehehehe. Okay, you may think im nuts but yea. Realised how superbly important it was to PRAY! God spoke (indirectly), & it was amazing !! :))) He turned my stumbling blocks into stepping stones. He made used of my mistakes & i learnt so much from there. It's not whether you fall down, it's whether you get up. :} He showed me so blatantly what was my error, & it was like the truth hitting squarely into your face. Amazing :P
Pray, at questions/situations you're stuck in (don't forget to, like me!). He might not give you an answer directly, yet the prayer makes a difference in your personal walk with God.
It's not so much as prayer changes things, but prayer changes me & i change things. YAY :D

2. Music
Omgosh, it's like a nightmare but haha i guess this is sort of the rare few times that our major exam was such a  !!! 6 of us - music students - went to CHIJ St nics for our paper at 2. So as the proper procedure, we were to be ready by 130. So yup yup, there we were at 130. & we realised we were not in their candidates list! Mad scramble, cos they didnt have extra SIX papers for us. Call call call & we found out we were told the WRONG SCHOOL. OMG LAR. Suppose to be cat high! Should have seen us. Ran like we were in amazing race. Had to pay for our own taxi fares lar. Pfft. Thank God we reached cat high in time but still the paper went horribly :S nvm, major disappointment that made me wonder why i spent extra time on that extra sub.

3. I studied for the wrong paper
The day's paper was at 8am & 2pm. Thinking that geog starts first, i studied it till lk 3am. Brought all my physics stuff to study during the in between 4+ hrs. When i reach school, amanda & kai rong took out their physics to study.
Like some innocent kid, i went: "Why are you guys studying physics? Geog first what."
They went: "Nooo, physicss first."
& i was in hysteria. YAY. Thank God i dont have asthma, haha. I would have hyperventilated man. Prayed prayed prayed for the peace of God that surpasses all understanding to come upon me! hehehehe. Thank God the paper went fine i guess, not a nightmare at least :D

4. Dont learn from me
I didn't sleep for my POA paper. Okay, did, like 0.5hr (0145 to 0215). Is that counted? Haha, Promised mrs lai i'll do my best. This is what happens when you have a SUPER LOVING + MOTIVATING teacher. So yup, the best i had to offer was to study the whole night. Prayed so much for God to like, not let me get sleepy during my paper cos i heard so many horror stories... He answered, thank Him :)

1. We gathered & prayed before each paper everyday! :))) We wldnt have done that at any other time other than this.
2. Manage to do my qt everyday too. Quite amazing, i guess, considering its exam period. Guess God gave me sufficient time. & told me to just trust in Him. Pray that everything will turn out fine now. Have faith!
"But seek his kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well." (Luke 12:31)
3. Love you guys - alv & darren & rach! Alv was the first to gave me a study package. So sweet lar! Thank you swts :) Now's the time to share the love :) Everything was so purple in the lunchbox. Haha. & our mums (cell leaders) gave us study pack too. PLUS coffee if we are burning midnight oil haha.
4. Love my cell, we did sm interesting sunday sharing. Sharing of verses for our studies. Didnt realise so many verses can be applied, wow. Thanks for all the encouragement during Os. :) OH, it was a pity for those who DIDNT take Os. HAHA. Cos well the rest (some) of us met up a few times to study! Bonded through our hard work. Hahahaha.
5. Melar. Haha. Thanks for all the encouragement too. Love our in-between + post Os outings :D

In the blink of an eye. 
As expected.

Friday, October 30, 2009

once again.
you've proven me wrong.
you've shown me my mistakes.
you've work through my weakness.
you've work through my failures.
you've given me another chance.

and its seriously crazily awesomely amazing.

A prayer in a time of need makes a whole lota difference.
Its not so much as
prayer changes things,
prayer changes me, then i change things.

Prayer changes the way one looks at things - for my case, exam questions :P.
Prayer is not a matter of changing things externally,
But one of working miracles in a person's inner nature.
Prayer on the basis of redemption.
He is mighty to save :)

im opening my eyes wide wide!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


i was beginning to ignore all these crises...
a wake up call that is just so real.

its amazing,

and isnt that what miracles are?
faith hope & love
he couldnt have survive it without any 1 of these 3.

if those trapped found no meaning in life,
im quite sure most of them gave up hope.
and went to sleep forever.
thank God for faith, hope & love.
we cant do without these :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

oh wow. quite alot of things impacted me today. :O
1. Mr Chan, none other than our super fit PE teacher with no inch of fat but muscles (yar saying this to please him, HAHA :P), told us that he has a tumour, which was the reason why he did not come for lessons the past few months :/

its scary, and, oh man, its hard to even imagine how a person.....
well, its just quite sudden, and i dunno, he's so fit till it seems like a paradox.

2. Earthquake
yup, happened during our night study in the library just now. people were complaining. and i thought, heck care, it doesnt bother us, considering that i am never able to feel any of these tremors. but then, on second thought, i wondered how many people died. im not sure if any did, but miao was smsed that it was a 7.6M earthquake, and i think that's big enough to destroy many things even if it doesnt affect us here. when people are complaining of ohhhh, headache, dizzy. people are actually dying from it... :/

Whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.
James 4: 14

and FAITH once again takes over
dont give up HM! we're facing the same struggles, but God shall reign victorious eh. :)